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Homebuyer Training Course Agenda

General Outline of Class Schedule and Topics:


Affordability, Budgeting and Saving
 Assessing Affordability: Costs of Ownership & Renting vs. Owning
 Budgeting and Saving: How we Spend Money & Ways to Save
Credit – Reports, Scores and Consumer Rights
Credit and Its Impact
Types of Credit, Credit Reporting Bureaus & Credit Reports
Credit Scores: What’s a “Good” Score & What Goes Into a Credit Score
Qualifying for a Mortgage, Financing & Finding the Right Home
Mortgage Terminology, Important Ratios & What Banks Want from Applicants
Where to Look for a Home
Homeowner’s Insurance
The Closing
What to Expect at the Closing
Important Closing Documents
Community Land Trust and the Ground Lease
Land Trusts – A Way to Make Homeownership Affordable
The Land Trust Ground Lease Explained
Please Note:
  • Sorry, no children - babysitting services are not available. Please make plans for child care.
  • During the course, participants are required to make one-on-one appointments with the Homebuyer Trainer to create a household budget and review credit reports and scores.
  • Contact Aubrey Collins at 846-5114, ext. 111 with any questions & to register for the class.
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