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Energy efficiency has always been a cornerstone of Church Community Housing.  From building the first solar house in Newport to the Net Zero homes currently under construction, CCHC has always looked for new ways to reduce utility costs, fossil fuel consumption, and our carbon footprint.  Energy efficiency always makes sense, and all the more so when talking about housing for low and moderate income families working to improve their financial situation.

Sandywoods Net Zero houses: 12" thick walls, R5 triple pane windows, large PV array, R60 roof - adds up to a house that will have Zero utility bills based on average household consumption.  Buy yours here today !

The wind turbine at Sandywoods Farm, Tiverton produces 50% of the electricity consumed by 50 apartments.

Photovoltaic array atop Mumford Manor Senior Housing, Newport, RI

Super Insulated Steel Frame and EPS Foam House, Tiverton, RI

First Solar House in Newport

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